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Full text of "Commission to Isaac Hodges as Lt. Col. in Col. Isaac Dean's 4th Bristol Regiment [manuscript]"

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'€^^ ^/^^^^-.^- 


' ^/^/w/h'yd 






^'/^,/r/i/^ i/^ypy^yyi^'^^ 

, 7 ^ ^^ 


^ ^^///i^2m/ 

rirr mi^Yfy ^. 

I The Major Part of the C O U N C I L of Maffachufctts-Bay, hi 

''AiJk//^ y. ./ u ' ■ 

rouJ/aac y^/m^l^^^ r./m^ye^ ^Greeting. 

Y" O U being appointed^ 'f^^^/'^'^ 


^'"''^' ' -mi: Pun/?/ ,/^i ^' 


By Virtue of the Power veiled in Ub, W E do by thefe Prefents, (repofing Special Truic 
and Confidence in your Loyalty, Courage and good Condud,) CommifTion you accord^;?^ /p 
ingly. — You are therefore carefully and diligently to difcharge the Duty of a:i^^V^/^e?^/^f<^ 
in leading, ordering, and exercifing faid /f'/^^^W?^ ;>^f^in Arms, both Inferior Officers 
and Soldiers; aadto keep them ig^gpod Ordejr and Difcipline : And they are hereby 
commanded to obey you as xht\t^J/£Y/yy l'^/^2^/^^^^ you are yourfelf, to obferve 
and follow fuch Orders and inflrudions as you fhall from Time to Time receive from 
the Major Part of the Council or your Superior Officers. 

GIVEN und^r our Hands ^ iind th Seal of the faid States 

{^^ /^y/i/A I^oy of ^^^//.^9iy ^n the Tear of our L RD^ 


By the Command of the 7 
Major Part of tke Council.j 

k < A/ai^/^^'